17 no More!

Long time, no see!

I figured that I absolutely had to make a post today because, *cue the sad music,* it is my last day as a seventeen-year-old. My birthday is tomorrow. Yes, I know what you are thinking… I’m getting old.


Well, I guess not that old…yet…

As I look back over this past year, I am shocked by how fast it flew by. I feel like I just turned sixteen yesterday—yes, I am one of those “back-in-my-day” people (please bear with me here). Sixteen, the age that I officially started to write Naga Ceyon. I just finished skimming through “chapter one” of my very first draft, and let me tell you: It is very different from the current chapter one. So much has been added and subtracted since then that I almost did not recognize it at first. Amazing.

Seventeen, the age that I decided to become an engineer. Before, I wanted to be a Radiologist, and before that I wanted to be a Veterinarian. My parents are both physicians, and my sister is finishing up Pre-Med. Apparently my brother and I are the odd ones in the family. He is into marketing and I like to build stuff. I am not exactly sure what finally led me away from medicine and into the world of Engineering, but there is one thing that I know for sure: I was born to create. When I was 6 or 7, I remember designing and attempting to build a drivable toy car made completely out of cardboard boxes. I had cut the frame, crafted two doors with locks and retractable windows, and found the perfect material to be used as a windshield—plastic from Barbie doll boxes—but eventually I gave up. There was one part of the design that I simply could not figure out. Wheels. I spent days trying to figure out how to use what little resources that I had left to build durable wheels. Sadly, none of designs worked, so I trashed the entire project.


My next little building event was designing Maze Theme Park, the largest maze theme park in the world. I created several mazes ranging in difficulty from easy to hard. My hardest maze, The Impossible Maze, confounded even the counselors at GoodTimes (an afterschool program that I attended in Elementary and Middle School).


The truth is that it literally was an “impossible” maze. The only way to solve it was to travel past an obscure gap between a certain wall. Yes, I know that was cheating, but at the time I took pleasure in watching the frustrated faces of everybody.


Heheh…I was an evil little kid.


All of my other mazes were legit though. Several of them were labeled difficult by many, so I really did know how to make challenging mazes without cheating.

I am also good at solving puzzles. I finished a 2000-piece puzzle for my sister’s birthday once, and I can solve a 3x3x3 and 5x5x5 Rubik’s’ cube. Why it took me so long to figure out that I should be an engineer as opposed to a doctor, I have no idea. Oh, well. Better late than never, right?

Well, that is pretty much it for today. This concludes my final post as a seventeen-year-old.




Welcome one and all!

Welcome to my blog!

I have a little riddle for you:
“Twins (Skyliene and Skylar) were born in May but their birthday is in June. How is this possible?”

Got it? Yes? No? Maybe so?Tricky Funny

I’ll give you the answer later in this post. Heheh.

Here is another riddle:
“If 1 = 5,
2 = 25,
3 = 325, and
4 = 4325,

Then 5 = ?”

I’m sure you knew the answer to that one.

Okay, last one:
“A farmer challenges an engineer, a physicist, and a mathematician to fence off the largest amount of area using the least amount of fence.
The engineer made his fence in a circle and said it was the most efficient.
The physicist made a long line and said that the length was infinite. Then he said that fencing half of the Earth was the best.
The mathematician laughed at the others and with his design, beat the others. What did he do?”

Maths Puzzle

Now for the moment of truth! What did you get as the answer to the first riddle? If you concluded that May is a town, you would be correct! Okay, what was your answer to the second riddle? If you said 1, then you would be correct! (You see, if 1 = 5, then it follows that 5 = 1) Some of you guys are probably feeling confident right about now. Now, let’s see if you got all three right. What is the solution to the third riddle? If you said that the mathematician built a small fence around himself and delcared that he was on the outside, then you would be correct!

So, how did you do? Post a comment below.

Some of you are probably wondering “What do riddles have to do with this blog?” Well, in Book One of The Zone Chronicles, Naga Ceyon, Mrs. Jones teaches her daughter The Riddle. Completing the steps described in The Riddle ended up playing a key role in Antoinette’s journey to become a warrior. Curious to know more? Pick up a copy of Naga Ceyon and all of your questions will be answered.

Well, that’s it for today. See you next time!